How Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Child Affect the Family System

write an introduction paragraph. the three treatments are behavior modification, day or residential treatment, and/or family therapy; What the literature says is most effective. The definitions of all treatments, and research suggested strengths and weaknesses. How effective are the treatments according to therapists?



Discuss the cultivation process of cannabis select from (greenhouse growing, indoor growing, or outdoor growing) write a 3-page paper (double spaced, font size 12) what must be report in your paper:

  • A full overview of your selected topic
  • The current state of the industry for your selected topic
  • Perform a business SWOT analysis in order to evaluate both strengths and weaknesses for each part of the supply chain process
  • Upcoming future developments and/or trends for your selected topic
  • Your opinion on/personal connection to the selected aspect

Use APA format with at least 3-4 scholarly references



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