How Risky is Your Company?

HiHealth and care management.Please let me know asap so I can submit my file on time. Thank you.Assessment Description…You are required to read the following journal article article:1. How Risky is Your Company? HBR. May-June 1999 you click on the ‘Read More’ link to view the Risk Exposure Calculator.You are also required to read a fictional case study based on a company that will be provided toyou in due course.You must then prepare a risk assessment report on the company using the Risk ExposureCalculator and specifically address:A. Pressure points due to growthi) pressure for performanceii) rate of expansioniii) inexperience of key employeesB. Pressure points due to culturei) rewards for entrepreneurial risk takingii) executive resistance to bad newsiii) level of internal competitionC. Pressure points due to information managementi) transaction complexity and velocityii) gaps in diagnostic performanceiii) degree of decentralised decision makingYou will be required to include a minimum of 15 references in your Risk Assessment Report at least5 of which must come from academic journals or textbo

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