How shift work affects Nurses Health

How shift work affects Nurses Health Assignment 2: A Critique of the Literature The task This assignment is designed to help you become critical consumers of evidence based nursing research. For the second assignment, you are asked to critically evaluate either a quantitative or a qualitative research report. There are steps you need to follow in this assignment are: 1. Select an appropriate peer-reviewed original research article within last five years (you may select the topic) ??? œBurnout of Nurses or œShift work in Nursing and how it affects their Health 2. You may choose from either QUANTITATIVE or QUALITATIVE research 3. You MUST NOT choose literature reviews or systematic reviews 4. Critique the article using the guidelines in your textbook (chapter 15) or those provided on learnline Assessment Criteria 1. Evidence of appropriate interpretation of the assignment task, i.e. demonstrated ability to critique scholarly literature 2. Demonstration of understanding of the terms used in the selected papers 3. Demonstration of engagement with the literature, reading and unit resources; 4. Attention to structure and logical sequencing of information; clearly identified introduction, body and conclusion; 5. Attention to referencing and acknowledgement of other sources “ others’ ideas paraphrased and interpreted rather than directly quoted, correct academic referencing and in-text citation, using CDU APA style; 6. Written expression: Clear, succinct written expression, using correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax (sentence structure).

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