how their marketing or concepts are working in the current Marketing environment

Assessment rationale This assignment requires you to become well versed in exemplary marketing organisations and those who don’t perform as well. Based on your course material to date and secondary research, including chats (personal communications) conducted over Christmas functions, develop a Slideshare or Prezi for presentation to your management team with 5 examples of either impressive or less than impressive marketing capability across a range of organisations or industries. Your justified (through research) cases should include brief details of the organisation and then specifically brief discussion on how they organise internally for marketing, their STP approach (or lack of it), how their marketing or concepts are working in the current Marketing environment and aspects of the marketing mix which they are leveraging well (or not). Examples might be from global corporations, NFP, government or your favourite coffee house (or micro business). Sources of information should include a range from journal articles to contemporary and including fresh sources like trending topics on social media. Your presentation which should run for a maximum of 15 slides (plus titles and bibliography) and you will be required to present this in front of the class, the timings of which will be organised by your lecturer.
The use of or is recommended, voice is required and it is expected you will build your presentation with graphics, video and other engaging material to demonstrate your expertise in understanding great marketing and as a marketing communicator !

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