How To Cure Cold Sores Fast

For many people, cold stores are an unavoidable and irritating part of their lives. They can happen to everyone and while they run their course, they can be an itchy, uncomfortable, annoying and unattractive facial blemish that many people would give anything to cure. While keeping in mind that there is no specific cure for cold sores, there are many treatments that can go a long way towards treating the symptoms of the blemish and also of speeding up the healing time a great deal.

When you are thinking about cold sores, keep in mind that it is a viral issue. Like colds and flu, they simply need to be waited out, but you’ll find that in the early stages that a lot can be done. Many people will realize that a cold sore is coming when they realize that there is a space on their lips that feels itchy, or irritated or numb. If you start getting that feeling and you are prone to cold sores, start taking measures immediately. Try dosing yourself with plenty of vitamin C, get plenty of rest and eat lots of vegetables. Just by doing this, you can prevent a cold sore entirely or at least make sure that it heals more quickly.

If you have a cold sore, you’ll find that there are plenty of treatments available over the counter, but you’ll also find that there are many great treatments that you can try at home on your own. For instance, you’ll find that ice can bring down some swelling and relieve the pain of cold sores but that there is a chance that the ice will slow down the healing as well.

Another common treatment involves the use of lemon balm teabags, and combines the relief you’ll feel from the ice. In this treatment, you’ll brew a lemon balm teabag and then put the used teabag into the freezer. After it has been frozen, you can apply it to the cold sore the same way you did the ice. This gives you the anti-viral properties from the lemon balm as well as the pain-relief properties from the ice.

Tea tree oil, used sparingly, can also make a cold sore dry up and heal faster. The healing properties of tea tree oil are well known, and when you apply them to your cold sores, you’ll feel a very cool tingling and will experience some relief from the pain. Tea tree oil is often used for wounds and blemishes, and it is perfect when used for cold sores as well.

If you find yourself suffering from a cold sore, it often feels like something that you have to just grit your teeth and wait out, but keep in mind that there are ways to treat the symptoms associated with the cold sore and to make sure that you suffer for a much shorter time than you would otherwise. Take a look at some of the treatments that are often used to take care of the problem of cold sores, and you’ll find that there are many options open to you!

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