How to find the slope of a line on the graph

This week, we begin graphing systems of simultaneous equation. Before we begin looking at the many graphs you can find out on the Web, a good starting point is to review our knowledge of 2-D graphs. These graphs are known as 2-D because they have two axes. One you are familiar with is the xy-graph, which has an x axis and a y-axis. Create a video or VoiceThread that addresses at least two characteristics of graphs in the x,y plane. Some of the characteristics that you can choose are:
1. How to determine coordinates of different points in the graph
2. How to determine the x intercept and the y intercept of a line on this graph
3. How to find the slope of a line on the graph
4. Given a linear equation, how to graph a line
5. How to determine if a line has a positive or a negative slope
You can also choose any other characteristic that you like. Make sure that you illustrate what you are describing with an appropriate example. For your next two posts review and comment on at least two other videos or VoiceThreads!

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