How to prevent diabetes

Number of Pages: 3 (Double Spaced)

Writing Style: MLA
Number of sources:

How to prevent diabetes?
Diabetes is one of the leading death cause and the most common diseases in adult over the age of 45. Lack of a physical activity, obesity and a history of diabetes within the family member are the main cause of becoming diabetic.
The above is the thesis statement, based on that I will need research paper that includes the following. MUST BE ORIGINAL
Name of Source:
Author of Source:

Claim/Thesis (what is the author trying to make you believe?)

Reason(s) with evidence:

Warrant(s) or assumption(s):

Personal Analysis:

Refute or Support

. Research:
1. Three sources must be consulted. You must use one (1) peer-reviewed journal and no more than one (1) website. You could also use a magazine article, an interview, a video or documentary, and/or textbook.

2. Library Research: a class period spent in the library researching your topic
a. First, locate and record citations to books, periodicals, and documents that may contain useful information and ideas on the topic
b. Briefly examine and review the items
c. Choose those works that provide a variety of perspectives on your topic

. Critical Reading/Analysis/Synthesis/Conclusion (20 points)

1. For each source, respond to the following in paragraph form (word processed):
a. The name of the article, the author, where it was published, and when it was published. Articles from a website must state the website and who is responsible for the site.
b. Some background about the author. What is the author?s expertise on the topic? Why should we believe this person? This website? Remember: you are establishing the writer?s credibility
c. Identify the writer?s purpose (inform, convince, etc.), occasion (past, present, future), and kind of argument (fact, definition), etc.) [EAA Ch 1]
d. Identify any fallacies of argument that you find in the source. Quote the fallacy and explain the type of fallacy. [EAA Ch 5]

Note the usefulness of the source for your topic.

2. For each source, conduct a thorough analysis. I have posted an analysis grid on D2L you may use for this part of the project if you wish. You may also design your own analysis grid if you wish. Please word process each analysis grid.

3. Synthesize the three sources. I have posted a synthesis grid on D2L for you to use if you wish. You will turn your synthesis grid in to me for grading.

4. Come to a conclusion concerning your hypothesis. Write a brief summary of your findings from the research, and state whether this research proved or disproved your hypothesis or thesis.

5. Include a Bibliography of your sources. Use MLA style.

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