How to Promote Mental Health in Childhood

Topic: How to Promote Mental Health in Childhood
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write an introduction of Mental health and nurses role of mental health and how mental health affect childhood and combine the protective and risk factors of Mental Health giving at least 3 examples each.

use 2 scientific articles and 1 journals as References



Utilizing course material and any outside research you feel will strengthen your analysis, you will be uploading your assessment of a team at work describing the type of team it is and the leadership dynamics associated with the group. Your first task is to decide if it is a true team or a work group based on our text definition. It is also permissible to analyze a team you are part of outside of a work environment.

It is important to understand group dynamics and the elements that make up high-performing teams and groups in the 21st century as we are moving to virtual working relationships for organization success. Your task is to select a group of people at work and define this collection as a work group or a team based on course theory discussed in Chapters 8–12 in our text. You will diagnosis this collection of individuals using explicit course theory and outside resources to determine what is working and not working based on organization behavior (OB) principles discussion in our course and supported by course theory. Academic rigor calls for proper APA citations and references to demonstrate your ability to apply theory to operational challenges faced at work. Typical page range is six to 10 pages not including cover page and reference page. Due Sunday in Week 6.

Note: Students in the past have also compared groups and teams at work and why one seems to be a better performer over another … something to consider.


An Introduction to Organizational Behavior – Table of Contents (  this is the text book

I have uploaded screenshots of test book

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