How to write a conclusion for an essay

You have just penned down the last point in the body paragraph after writing your introduction, and a strong thesis statement and now you are only left with the conclusion part. It’s important to generate a strong conclusion that will leave the reader with a great impression of your essay content or argument. Our essay writing service has highlighted the most crucial elements of How to write a conclusion for an essay?


  1. What is a conclusion paragraph?
  2. How to start a good conclusion paragraph
  3. How to write a conclusion for an essay
  4. Examples of Conclusion
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What is a conclusion paragraph?

A conclusion paragraph is the final paragraph of an essay that aims at giving the whole summary of what the essay is all about. The paragraph highlights the main points in an essay and gives recommendations or suggestions that can be drawn from the essay. A strong conclusion should demonstrate why the author’s argument matters hence leaving the reader with a strong impression.


Use your thesis statement to help you draw a strong conclusion for your essay.


How to start a good conclusion paragraph

When starting to write a conclusion, there are several things to keep in mind. The first sentence should be conclusive in a way that gives a hint of what the article is all about. You may use your thesis statement to come up with the first conclusive sentence. The next sentence should strongly support the first general statement. This means that it should COMPELLINGLY state the main points in the article in a way that the reader can clearly understand what the article was all about without necessarily reading the whole article. You should organize it in a worthwhile manner that emotionally impacts the. Lastly, the sentences should flow smoothly and should be easily read.


How to write a conclusion for an essay?

  • Identify the main points of your essay. What are the main points? The first step on how to write a conclusion for an essay is to identify the main points and highlight them.
  • Summarize the main points of your essay. What is your essay about? What are the major arguments? When giving a summary of the main points of your essay, you should keep the above questions in your mind. Use the question to come up with conclusive and compelling answers to summarize the main points of the essay in a few sentences.
  • Discuss the implications of the main points. Implications give the reader the whole logic of your main points in the e It should be clear to the reader and should support your thesis
  • Identify any main conclusions you have drawn. What is your opinion of the topic? Offer your opinion on the essay’s main points.
  • Offer suggestions for how the main points could be improved. You may conclude by giving a recommendation on possible improvement on your topic of discussion for a better future


What are the main points? Try to summarize the main points in a few sentences. Then, think about how you are going to describe them and why. How? Why? What suggestions do you have about how the main points could be improved?


Examples of Conclusion

Example 1

Social psychology relates to people in everyday life. Besides enriching individuals’ relationships in their professional and personal lives, social psychology influences one’s thinking as well as mental and physical health.

Example 2

The critical component of the Profession of Arms is the American Army culture. These include values, attitudes, goals, behaviors, and beliefs embedded in customs, traditions, and courtesies. While the personality depends on an individual, the culture is based on the organization. Influenced by leadership, the culture plays a critical role in shaping how the Army adapts to meet both the future and existing challenges and how they view the environment.

Example 3

The Epic of Gilgamesh and Homer’s The Iliad teach us lessons in bravery, friendship, and the loss of friends, and how we relate with divine powers. The two protagonists, Gilgamesh and Achilles, teach the virtue of bravery through their courage in standing against oppression and standing for what is right. Their tales and the length they go to for the sake of their friends is a great lesson on the value of friendship. Finally, their relationship with their gods teaches the readers how they can relate to divine powers. Although some would dispute these lessons, they have a strong foundation that cannot be dismissed.

Example 4

In conclusion, democratic leadership requires both an exceptional leader and a unique participating team. Every member should be committed to the participation process. As a result, the leader should be more observant and intuitive to make appropriate decisions when conflicts arise.

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