How to Write a Persuasive Essay

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a common type of essay assigned to college students to test their capacity to think critically and stand with what they strongly believe in no matter the course. Just like the keyword persuade depicts, one has to cause someone else to believe in what they strongly believe in with little or no doubt. We all tend to argue out our point of view especially when we strongly stand for something. What is more pleasant than having convinced your professor to change their opinion on something. Isn’t it exciting putting your instructor’s brilliant mind at rest? Well, this is not an easy thing to do, thus students should be well prepared to write a comprehensive persuasive essay to achieve the objective of this form of writing.

To write a top-notch persuasive essay, you need to brainstorm to come up with an interesting topic in which you are well versed to articulate your ideas in the most logical manner. EssaysPrompt has shared several tips to follow in writing this paper to achieve a maximum score in your grades.

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 Why is a persuasive essay important?

The main objective of this paper is to instill students with basic life skills such as firmness in their beliefs, critical thinking as well as developing strong principles that guide their lives be it in leadership, marketing, or any other scenarios in life that require steadfastness. When writing this essay, it is important to use existing and reliable facts to back and individual opinions. For instance, when marketing an electrical gadget you must outline the real product features and specs and use them to convince a buyer to purchase the product. On top of that, you may include your personal opinion about the product either from your own experience or others and convince the buyer why the product is better than other similar products.


What is the structure/format of a persuasive essay?


Main body



The first paragraph of this paper should be an introduction to the topic of discussion. It should be brief and precise. Include a strong thesis statement that reflects the point you want to argue and use facts to present your stance on your study question. In this paragraph, avoid giving unnecessary stories and strictly stick to your topic question. The aim here is to spark interest in the reader and keep them on their toes waiting to read the entire essay.

Main body

The main body comprises 3 paragraphs, each with strong reasoning. Each paragraph should have a topic statement, a solid explanation, and lastly facts or evidence. It is also important to link the three paragraphs where applicable.


The last paragraph, normally referred to as a conclusion is equally an important part and parcel of this paper.  Writing this paragraph requires a sober mind to validate your opinion and show how you have successfully proven your is important to reaffirm your thesis statement and include it in this summary alongside all your major arguments.

Top Hot Persuasive Essay Topics in 2021

  1. Animals should be allowed in airplanes
  2. Are vaccinations linked to autism?
  3. Discuss the positive aspects of rivalry. Online education vs. traditional schooling. Which one is better?
  4. Do bloggers have a big impact on society?
  5. Does money change people? 
  6. Give reasons. Who is responsible for stray dogs?
  7. Gossip has a positive effect.
  8. Government must pay attention to climate change.
  9. Homeschooling is better than public school.
  10. Huge dreams can seriously affect our lives.
  11. Is it easy to be truthful and honest all the time?
  12. Is it important to change and revise the state’s welfare system?
  13. Is preschool education Important?
  14. Is technology a distraction or a bonus?
  15. Mobile phones should be banned for children. 
  16. Nuclear weapons should be banned.
  17. Plastic straws and utensils have to be banned. 
  18. Privacy Vs. Security. Which one do you prefer?
  19. Should abortion be banned?
  20. Should all parents be required to attend parenting classes?
  21. Should all school leavers take a gap year?
  22. Should etiquette be taught at school? 
  23. Should euthanasia be legalized? 
  24. Should financial literacy be taught at educational institutions?
  25. Should junk food ads be banned?
  26. Should kids help out around the house? 
  27. Should mobile phones be banned at school?
  28. Should schools have a dress code? 
  29. Should smacking children be made illegal? 
  30. Should video games be considered a sport?
  31. Should we allow employees to choose their working hours? 
  32. Should we investigate black holes?
  33. The fast fashion industry destroys the environment.
  34. We all benefit from a more gender-equal society.
  35. We should spend less time on social media.
  36. Why are lawyers paid too much?
  37. Why is censorship of the internet necessary?
  38. Why must there be some limits to freedom of speech?
  39. You should always put yourself first.
  40. Parents should be responsible for their children’s obesity.
  41. Proper nutrition and positive behavior prevent cancer.
  42. A healthy lifestyle prevents aging.
  43. Weight management programs and hypnotherapy are useful in maintaining good shape and a healthy organism.
  44. An active way of life should replace a sedentary lifestyle to prevent heart diseases.
  45. You should plan your weight loss process wisely.
  46. Well-balanced nutrition is a way to a healthy and beautiful body.
  47. Regular yoga and fitness will help you to maintain mental and physical wellness.
  48. Regular physical activities and enough sleep can help students to study better.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Nursing

  1. A nurse is more important than a doctor.
  2. As technology evolves, telehealth should be allowed in the emergency room for the doctors and the nursing staff.
  3. Computer training should be required of nurses in the care of patients.
  4. Elderly people should be allowed to have cardiac surgeries if they want to after they are informed of the potential risks.
  5. If a hospital has fewer staff, it shouldn’t be blamed for low and poor attention.
  6. More men should be encouraged to become nurses.
  7. No one should decide to end the life of a person in pain.
  8. Nurses are more important than doctors.
  9. Nurses shouldn’t end the lives of suffering patients.
  10. Practice and education are in complete disarray in medicine.
  11. Prenatal care is the most effective way of endorsing health to the unborn child.
  12. Should doctors and nurses be given a global visa?
  13. Should placebo be used in medicine?
  14. Should the nurses be paid as much as the doctors?
  15. The gerontological cases when taking care of older adults.
  16. The hospital, including the nursing staff, should have a permit/ transit to every country internationally.
  17. The majority of nursing staff include women, and men should be encouraged to join in the field.
  18. The nursing department should be paid like or more than doctors.
  19. Theory and practice are very confusing in this field.
  20. Understaffed hospitals can’t be blamed for the lower quality of care.

Persuasive Essay Ideas on Education

  1. An educational system should encourage creativity.
  2. Are Common Cores necessary
  3. Are Ipad schools effective or not
  4. Do all students need to go to college?
  5. Do all students need to learn a foreign language?
  6. Do businesses have any place in the education decision process
  7. Do pads book cause reading skill levels to decrease or increase
  8. How effective are etextbooks
  9. How soon should children begin to read and why
  10. Is it ethical to place physically or mentally disabled children in the separate school classes?
  11. Is online or homeschool an effective way to learn?
  12. Is the purchasing of professionally written papers cheating
  13. Should all students be required to participate in the arts?
  14. Should colleges eliminate the SAT and ACT scores for admission
  15. Should high school journalists be protected under the First Amendment?
  16. Should parents be more engaged in the educational process and what can they do to help kids with homework more efficiently?
  17. Should school security guards be armed in an order to cut down on school shootings and killings
  18. Should schools teach abstinence-only education?
  19. Should soda be offered in school cafeterias?
  20. Should standardized tests determine whether or not you go on to another grade level?
  21. Should technology run curriculum or should curriculum steer technology
  22. Student diversity should be present in a school classroom.
  23. The arts must be kept in schools or should other non-academic classes be kept in the schools
  24. What happened to the idea of year long schools
  25. What should be the consequences of academic cheating
  26. What tools should be used for teacher recertification and why
  27. Which would be a better tool for technology in the classroom-the Ipad, laptop, or something else
  28. Who should determine standards for students-should they be the same for all children
  29. Why a year between high school and college is important to the learning process
  30. Why all students should be required to belong to a club that gives back to the community, school, city, state, country, or world
  31. Why are Finland and Denmark’s schools better
  32. Why community service should be a requirement for high school graduations
  33. Why everyone is not supposed to attend college and why society needs to recognize this
  34. Why middle school or junior high schools students should not be allowed at the same facility as high school students
  35. Why No Child Left Behind did not work
  36. Why should college students care about their mental and physical health?
  37. Why should computer science programs be taught in colleges and universities?
  38. Why should parents take part in their children’s education?
  39. Why should schools teach financial literacy?
  40. Why should they make the school say shorter?
  41. Why should we stop girls’ discrimination in the modern educational system?
  42. Why standardized testing should be eliminated
  43. Why teachers should be made more and appreciated more

Persuasive Essay Topics on Economics

  1. 21st-century monopolies.
  2. Ageism issues regarding entry-level employees despite their knowledge and skills.
  3. Alternative opinion: why female professionals should earn more than their male colleagues.
  4. Can a trade deficit have a dramatic effect on home economy?
  5. Creativity is your benefit to achieve success.
  6. Earning money through social media.
  7. Even good leaders are not protected against bankruptcy.
  8. Gender inequality and socio-economic development.
  9. How free trade agreements affect the national employees?
  10. How the food industry helps the American economy thrive.
  11. How the socio-economic and political position of women changed between 1880 and 1940.
  12. Huge companies pose a threat to small businesses.
  13. Internet shopping effects on globalization
  14. Is it fair to tax imported goods extra?
  15. Marketing trends that destabilize the global economy.
  16. Prices do not reflect the purchasing ability of regular consumers.
  17. Pricing wars of the future: reasons and insinuations.
  18. Reasons to ban gambling worldwide.
  19. Salary inconsistencies between male and female workers.
  20. The benevolence of capitalism: canceling the debts of third world states.
  21. The damaging effects of outsourcing projects for the national economy.
  22. The economic impact of COVID-19 on global trade.
  23. The elegance of going bankrupt: how millionaires lose it all.
  24. The problem of poverty in Venezuela.
  25. The role of proper advertisement for microeconomic markets.
  26. The World Bank does not help to eradicate poverty.
  27. Why is it important to buy locally manufactured or grown goods?
  28. Why is it possible and necessary to increase the income of workers?
  29. Why some people in first-class countries remain unemployed.

 Persuasive Essay Topics on political issues

  1. Detrimental American policies regarding the rights of aboriginal people.
  2. Educational establishments should become apolitical.
  3. Freedom of speech is dangerous in several post-Soviet countries.
  4. Hate politicians can embody dystopian plots in reality.
  5. How should the government control and manage the turnover of alcohol and other narcotic substances?
  6. If people cannot have power, then all democratic efforts are useless.
  7. Is burning flags a valid form of protest?
  8. Is it justified to detain people without any proper procedures if they are suspected of terrorism?
  9. Journalism as a fourth power.
  10. Media silence regarding the Middle East makes peace campaigns valueless.
  11. Politicians should at least be fined for using personal abuse rhetoric
  12. Reasons to maintain immunity for politicians.
  13. Should silent prayers at schools be outlawed?
  14. Superstars should never become politicians.
  15. The dark side of democracy: secrets behind the kind mask.
  16. The idea of global leadership is utopian.
  17. The importance of every vote
  18. The pros and cons of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s governorship.
  19. Voting choices for democratic immigrants.
  20. Why Bernie Sanders lost the primaries
  21. Why even an excellent President should serve only one term.
  22. Why is it dangerous to allow political parties to accept financial donations from large corporations?
  23. Why should school students be given the right to refuse from prayers?
  24. Why the world cannot exist without politics.


Persuasive Essay Topics on Music

  1. A singer who does not play a musical instrument cannot be regarded as a professional musician.
  2. Dance and music lessons should be combined.
  3. Gothic music as the aesthetics of morbid symbols. Unveiling the dark philosophy in songs.
  4. How guitar music is better than synthetic
  5. How hard rock influences our outlook.
  6. How music contributes both to the individual and to the society
  7. It is not enough to have a decent musical hearing to become a professional musician.
  8. Jazz influences our brains as mellifluous math: it makes us more intelligent.
  9. Lyrics in songs should not be censored
  10. Music as the most effective approach to improve mental wellbeing.
  11. Music education helps to develop other essential skills.
  12. Music in MP3 format should be free as a promo material, whereas music in better sound quality formats should be for sale
  13. Music is the easiest and the most effective way to lighten up
  14. Old-school genres successfully revive in the modern world.
  15. People lose interest in classical music in its initial form.
  16. Ruining the myth about death metal and suicides.
  17. The challenges musicians face investing in a personal band.
  18. The inequality of salaries of American and European musicians.
  19. The Information Age as an amalgamation of music epochs.
  20. The primitiveness of mainstream music makes people sillier.
  21. Why bass guitarists are often underestimated.
  22. Why pop music negatively affects general erudition.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Business

  1. An effective and positive culture within a business motivates employees.
  2. Awards for clients make your business more successful.
  3. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.
  4. Blogging for business as a means to attract young clientele.
  5. Business productivity can be improved by using vital tools such as brainstorming.
  6. Business without good communication skills is useless.
  7. College degrees do not guarantee success in business.
  8. Every business should adopt green principles.
  9. Experience leaders must share with their followers.
  10. Future businesses will involve more freelancers.
  11. How to become a businessman without a penny.
  12. How to keep your customers interested.
  13. How to keep your employers stirred due to a better pay scale.
  14. How to turn even the most whimsical hobby into a fruitful business idea.
  15. In business, communication of the vertical type is as essential as the horizontal variety.
  16. Inherited leadership is a myth: it is a matter of meticulous self-cultivation.
  17. Introverts are more elaborate businesspersons.
  18. It is possible to use the recruitment process as an effective and positive productivity tool.
  19. Looking to the future, virtual (or online) businesses will prove more profitable.
  20. Market position awareness for medium corporations.
  21. Only leaders are able to suggest genuine innovations.
  22. Persuasive essay about social media.
  23. Social networking is an effective platform for promoting and advancing businesses.
  24. The advantages and triggers of cold emailing.
  25. The primary reasons why businesses become bankrupt are ineffective management and ineffective leadership.
  26. Transformation of the negative feedback into new opportunities.
  27. Ways to initiate a new business after thorough market research.
  28. Ways to take full advantage of a small company’s profits.
  29. When a working environment is positive, productivity is also improved.
  30. When it is impractical to invest in social media promotions.








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