How to Write a Research Paper – Guide

Writing a research paper is kind of interesting as you dig into different interesting material to put in your paper. There various steps one has to follow in order to create a good research paper.


1. First, you should select a good topic. To build on the topic and thesis of your paper or report, it is important to read on the topic. Choose a topic which interests you, this will give you an opportunity to further your interest in the area and ease your stress in the research work. You then follow by narrowing your topic so as your topic is not too broad.

When given a topic it is very important to read and understand what the topic is talking about. To avoid mere accumulation of work, you must base your collection of material to answering a specific question. This question is called the thesis statement. It is very important as it guides you on what material to collect (pertinent material), it also guides the reader on what to expect on your paper.

2. After these steps, follow by acquiring appropriate reference material. This is done by selecting a bibliography. Be sure to take down all the possible references you need and where they can be found. Keep in mind that efficiency and time saving is increased when you’re systematic, it is important to filter your resources in order to make sure that the information you put in to your paper and report is valid.

You should then research paper. In this way, you can make minor changes to the paper in order to make it more cohesive.

5. Finally, make a fine copy of your work. This copy should have ample spacing, generous margins, correct spellings and appropriate citation style used.

Tips & Warnings

1. The most commonly used styles are APA, MLA, and Harvard, although there are also other styles such as Chicago and Turabian.

2. Be sure not to hand in your work late.

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