How to Write a Scholarship Essay

If you have spent countless hours in finding good scholarships and accumulating a list of credentials for yourself you already know the importance of an effective scholarship essay in your scholarship application. The key here is to convey a convincing story is a structured manner. Your job here is not to list down your achievements but is to convince the scholarship judges about your abilities.

Know Yourself

You can not explain something unless you know it. Same applies with you also. You will have to make an effort towards knowing yourself before you can even think of writing an essay on you. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Pin point the areas of your life where your circumstances have affected your life and you have done well to hold your ground.

Be Organized

There is a standard set of instructions for being organized. Think about the areas that you want to cover and organize your thought process before you start writing. Make an outline of what you will be writing and make sure that your outline covers everything that is expected from you in the . Now you can use a clear and concise language to elaborate each of the points in the outline.

Read between the lines

In scholarships, when you are asked why you want to study  sciences ; the intent of the question is to ask why you are the right candidate to study  sciences . So make sure that you understand each and every question very well before you start answering them.

Be specific

Remember that you are not writing a resume here. It might be tempting to include all your achievements in it but if your  essay  does not convey a real reflection of you, it is less likely to impress the scholarship judges. Be specific in what you have to write on.

Have a summary

Every essay requires a title and a summary for it to be able convey its message effectively. Make sure you have a thesis statement and a summary at least in your mind when you are writing your scholarship essay.

Show Intent

Make sure that your essay clearly conveys a positive energy about your personality. It’s not like an essay that you have written in your childhood on an unknown subject matter. It is about you. It deserves that special attention.

Highlight your accomplishments

You are not alone applying for this scholarship. There are hundreds of others. So there is no point of a sob story here. Pick one or two accomplishments of your life that you want to build upon and then narrate your story around those.

Find Reviewers

No matter how good a writer you are, you will need a few reviewers before submitting your essay. Make sure somebody from your home or college proofreads your essay before you submit it. This is important because it’s natural to overlook your own errors.

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