How will you incorporate nutrition intervention?

B. Complete the discussion questions:1. List the barriers to breastfeeding mentioned and others you recognize based on the review study, “Factors influencing breastfeeding exclusivity during the first six months” (Olukunmi), and the video link, “It’s only Natural.”Which of these barriers are surmountable?2. Explain how you would you set up a community program to encourage breastfeeding. Choose a platform for this program.Refer to the article above, Üsing a Wellness Program to Promote a Culture of Breastfeeding in the Workplace: Oregon Health & Science University’s Experience”for additional ideas. Oregon Program analysisDo you have suggestions to improve their breastfeeding implementation program?How well did they address the cultural/ethnic challenges?Your program objectivesWhat group will you target (ethnic, socioeconomic, health status) ? How will you incorporate nutrition intervention? What will your goals be considering some of the barriers mentioned in the articles?What are some challenges of promoting breastfeeding in another cultural or ethnic group?3. Submit your comments, then respond to two other student submissions.

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