How will your pedagogical position be evidenced in your teaching?

This statement will articulate your personal responses to the following questions:
A. What is pedagogy?
B. What is your pedagogical position?
C. How will your pedagogical position be evidenced in your teaching?
Formatting: *Note: this does not have to be in an essay format. Be creative in how you present your portrait, statement and plan. Engage your reader (that’s us – we do have a pedagogical relationship as well!).
A. What is pedagogy? – A brief (~300 word) section on what your understanding of pedagogy is now, at the conclusion of this course. How does it correspond with teaching and learning, and with all teachers and all learners? Use at least 3 key references to support your understanding.
B. What is your pedagogical position?
Drawing on:
– stories from your placement;
– your experiences of the micro-teaching – both as a learner and a teacher;
– critiques of state and national policies and frameworks, such as Naplan or productive pedagogies;
– readings, classes/lectures and seminars, and;
– any other relevant personal experiences for instance, from your own school experiences;
create a statement of your own pedagogical position
NB: This is your opportunity to be critical, in reflecting on your experiences as a student, as a teacher and on what you observed on your placement. What could have been improved and how? What would you choose to do differently and how? How have your ideas developed over the course of this unit?
C. How will your pedagogical position be evidenced (actioned) in your teaching?
Reflect on a set of activities, a lesson or unit outline that you have created, that shows your pedagogical position. (Include actual plan/outline as an Appendix – not included in word count). Consider how your pedagogical position is evidenced in this plan, how you would enact this plan, and the dialogue that might transpire during the pedagogic encounter.
This section must include:
• very specific details about what you would do in your classroom.
• a script outline of what you would say to your students, and what you imagine they might say in response.
We encourage you to be imaginative in this section and to check that your pedagogical position fits with your pedagogical action. Discuss this process with reference to the three key task questions.
1. Clear, concise and informed definition of pedagogy is articulated and supported with key references.
2. Pedagogical portrait/position is clearly explained with reference to experience of pedagogical encounters and with critical evaluation and clear links to practice.
3. Feasible links are made between pedagogical positions and possible teaching enactments.
4. Reference is made to a range of relevant literature demonstrating a depth of understanding and ability to make appropriate links to practice and ideas.
5. Discussion demonstrates a depth of critical and productive reflection on practice and informed integration of theory.
6. Well presented and structured with accurate and appropriate expression and grammar, and demonstrating accurate (Harvard style) referencing
Bonus points will be given for creatively meaningful, accurate and engaging presentations!

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