How would it be difficult for you, and how would you deal with this challenge?

1.) Typically, juveniles are rehabilitated rather than punished. Do you think that this is too lenient and that juveniles get away with crime? Explain your thoughts. Should there be tougher consequences for juveniles? Why, or why not? Remember to remain professional when discussing this matter. Stick to the topic without getting personal in your own response and in response to others’ comments. 2.) As a consumer, what do you think you can do to be more aware of fraud such as healthcare fraud? How can you avoid falling victim to fraud when you are trying to do basic things such as seeing your doctor when you are ill? 3.) Of the disorders discussed, which cluster poses the most problems for the criminal justice practitioner, and why? How would it be difficult for you, and how would you deal with this challenge? I pick Bipolar disorder4.) Several states have quit using the insanity defense, limiting the use of mental illness involving criminal intent. Think about this, and discuss pros/cons you see with eliminating the insanity plea. In your personal opinion, do you think that mental illness has a place in the courtroom setting? Why, or why not? These are discussion board. only 150 words. please do own work. please keep it number

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