How would you advise the networks to “franchise” DeGeneres based on your study results?

Answer the below questions based on the scenario listed below.

Scenario: Executives at Warner Brothers believe that Ellen DeGeneres is the heir apparent to Oprah Winfrey in daytime TV. In its last season, a research report releveled that the Ellen DeGeneres show was for the first time on par with the Oprah Show in viewer’s minds. Implementing the findings Warner brothers announced that NBC 1o owned and operated stations would keep broadcasting DeGeneres’s show through 2014.

The written report revealed that DeGeneres hour long show is upbeat and inspirational – traits that appeal to day time female audience; she is seen as relaxed and relatable; and she is more likable than Oprah, according to the Q scores Company. Even though the DeGeneres show lagged behind the Winfrey show in the treasured Nielsen ratings on emotional issues DeGeneres was in a virtual tie with Winfrey.

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1. What other questions should the report address?

2. How would you advise the networks to “franchise” DeGeneres based on your study results?


• The answers should be at least 750 words • Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed sources (scholarly sources) and 1 biblical integration (includes one bible verse and apply it to the answers). • All sources are cited in current APA format. • Proper ENGLISH, spelling and grammar MUST be used. • Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. • Do not use textbooks, newspapers, audiobooks, etc. These items do not meet the requirement of this assignment.

Questions to consider answering question 1 are: What attributes made The Oprah Winfrey Show successful? Does The Oprah Winfrey show attract more Audience? If so, how can the Ellen show tap in that audience?

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