How would you, as the Polaris Project Manager, address the software issues that occurred in this the Polaris case?

Question 1

Writing Guide – 1000 – 1500 words

As the Project Manager you are provided with a series of project management tools to assist your overall management and documentation of a project.

Part A – Are project management ‘tools’ a hindrance or a help? Explain your answer.

Part B – What project management tools, if any, are/would be useful to you in your current position or in your current organisation? Give reasons to support your decision/selection.

Part C – How would you, as the Polaris Project Manager, address the software issues that occurred in this the Polaris case?

Question 2

Writing Guide 1500 – 2000 words

Part A – How would you judge a ‘successful’ project?

Part B – What specific performance measures would you use to judge success and why? Explain and justify your selection.

Part C – What is the most important aspect of a successful project; the outcome, the processes or the people? Explain and justify.

Part D – Genesis Corporation knew of the Earned Value Performance Measurement approach but it seems somewhat neglected.

a) Could they (Genesis) have used the EVPM as a ‘management tool’? b) With reference to the graphics provided on page 45 of the case, how would you have applied this technique to this project as the project manager?

Question 3

Writing Guide 1000 – 1500 words

The case study outlines the management approaches applied by the different parties. In terms of general and project management answer the following questions.

Part A – How do you see this approach (in the genesis project) applying to projects in your organisation now or in the future?

Part B – What other approaches could have been used to manage staff? Justify your answer by outlining possible outcomes that may have resulted from a different approach.

Part C – If you held the project manager position in the Polaris case what approach would you take and why?

Question 4

Writing Guide 1500 – 2000 words.

Assume you are John Butler going into the meeting to report on the Polaris Project.

Part A – Prepare a comprehensive Project Review Report for Management. You may use the review template provided or write a review report ensuring all principles of project management are addressed.

Part B – You are required to complete a “Close-out Report” which includes an overall Performance Review from the perspective of:

• The Project itself • Meeting Client Needs • Meeting Stakeholder Needs • The needs of the Organisation (Genesis) • The Project Team staff from all levels. • Recommendation for future projects

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