How would you describe the energy in the room at these two points?

After watching the Madigan video, describe where you think Dr. Madigan first helps this mother and her son to externalize their issue. What does he suggest that they name it? Describe the point when Dr. Madigan revises his earlier assumption and “renames” the externalized issue. What did he change the name to? How would you describe the energy in the room at these two points? Did you sense any kind of a shift? Describe where you think the turning point was in this therapeutic relationship and what the therapist did to invite this shift. (

Return to the case of the pre-med student, Dan Lee, and view Dan’s situation through a narrative lens. Think about how you would engage Dan from a narrative perspective. Share your thoughts and plan, and include a brief dialogue that demonstrates a narrative interaction between the two of you. Close this part of your discussion post by commenting on whether you feel narrative would be more or less effective in Dan’s case than PCT or SFT, and conclude with a discussion of your rationale.

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