How would you describe the field of instructional design to a friend who is not an instructional designer?

There are several different directions that the field came out of: audio visual material, corporate
training, military training, etc. This has led to some unique, and somewhat separate, cultures
within our field. One clear example of this is the P-12 educational technology folks. The
corporate training professionals also have different professional organizations (ASTD) and
journals (Training and Development). There are also different leaders in these cultures. There
also subgroups that focus on multimedia, ONLINE LEARNING , research, etc. You can see
this reflected in the various divisions and special interest groups (SIG) within AECT.
Your answers should be in paragraph form and demonstrate your ability to read the assigned
material, critically reflect on it, and use it and real-life examples to answer the question. Papers
that are not professionally written will not be accepted.
Save all your answers in a single MICROSOFT WORD or a Rich Text Format (RTF) file.
Your answer to each part of the assignment should be at least one-half to three-fourth pages,
single-spaced. Save your file as yourlastname_perspectives (e.g., hemphill_perspectives). Attach
the file below.
By the end of Week 5, respond to at least two other students’ posts.
You will receive up to 10 points for this activity. Again, be sure that you complete Question A
(Select just one of the questions from any chapter you choose), Question B, and Question C.)
I will use the Activity Rubric to assess your work.
Grades WILL BE posted at the end of Week 5.

Chapters 1-4 Questions
Chapter 1
1. How would you describe the field of instructional design to a friend who is not an instructional
2. As a novice instructional designer, which aspects of developing instruction do you consider to be
inherently artistic? Which aspects of developing instruction do you consider inherently
3. Which model of instructional design/development would you most likely follow? Why do you
suppose that model is particularly appealing to you?

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