HSA 530 Week 7 Quiz 3  Chapters 11 – 16 (60 points)
Question 1      
Concerning documentation of most occurrences of disciplinary action:
Question 2
In appropriately addressing employee absenteeism, a department manager should:
Question 3
Problems that certain employees experience in performing as required and in meeting the minimum standards of a job are often:
Question 4
Since the stated objective of disciplinary action is correction of behavior, all employees who violate personnel policies always get at least a second chance.
Question 5
The most effective interview questions are:
Question 6
In interviewing an applicant for an entry-level position, it is important for an interviewer to:
Question 7
The department manager should be the person who checks references for whomever he or she wishes to hire, consistent with the belief that the primary interviewer should do the reference checking.
Question 8
In preparing to interview a job applicant, the department manager should:
Question 9
Courts have held organizations liable for sexual harassment by a manager even if senior managers did not know about a relationship.
Question 10
In terms of preventing violence in the workplace, which of the following is not true for supervisors?
Question 11
Which of the following is not true about employee searches?
Question 12
Which of the following is true about employee participation and involvement?
Question 13    
From the department manager’s perspective the ideal recruiting system is one under which human resources makes the final decision on who to hire.
Question 14    
Because so many organizations respond to reference requests minimally or not at all, much effort expended to check references is wasted.
Question 15
It is usually preferable to first recruit externally for new talent before opening up an available job to present employees.
Question 16
A department manager’s most active and potentially most helpful involvement in reference requests concerning a former employee should be:
Question 17
Documentation related to employees should be completed on a timely basis.
Question 18
Which of the following is true about legal implications of employee documentation?
Question 19
Under the rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), records of any personal or environmental monitoring of exposure to hazardous materials can be discarded after 3 years.
Question 20
Employee records can be kept by any employee with supervisory responsibilities.
Question 21
Under most civil service systems, concerning involuntary termination of employment by layoff:
Question 22
The hiring process for individuals seeking employment at state and local health care organizations covered by civil service:
Question 23    
While there has long been a civil service system for federal employees, civil service systems for government employees in the individual states exist at state option.
Question 24
The civil service classification system is a process that:

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