HTI746 Project Analysis and Comparison of Two Websites

Pure destination website: Tourism Toronto,
For profit website: Flight Centre,

The Assignment
You will choose two Hospitality and Tourism websites. One of them must be a ‘pure destination site, managed by a DMO, whose purpose is to promote a destination. The other must be a ‘for profit site. If you fail to follow these instructions when selecting your websites, you will receive a mark of zero for each incorrect website.

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You will analyze each website in terms of how it achieves its search engine ranking and how it makes use of social media. You will compare the two websites. Your project will be scored out of 100.

When analyzing how each website achieves its search engine ranking, you will need to demonstrate your understanding of the course topics, such as, but not limited to, keywords and links. Your analysis should include an evaluation of the many elements that are important to achieve high ranking. In your conclusion, you should suggest ways that the website might improve its ranking.

When analyzing how the website makes use of social media, you should actively explore social media links. You should go to those outbound links to which your website directs you (such as links to Facebook and Twitter). In addition, you should explore other social media sites that provide inbound links, such as Tripadvisor. Your conclusions may suggest ways that the destination may make further use of social media as part of its e-marketing.

There is a lot of information on the web to help you. For example, just enter the search term “SEO Tools” and you will have a choice of many sites. You will be looking for tools that are able to help you with such topics as:
• Keywords
• Resources that analyze links
• Social-media tools

Some of these tools are free; others require a nominal fee. You should be able to analyze your selected website with a free tool.

• It is difficult to find how a particular site uses PPC. You are not able to know what they have bid for their PPC. However you can search the popularity of certain keywords and how much they cost. You can make some recommendations.
• is a site that analyzes web traffic to a site. There are limitations to its conclusions. I suggest you do not use it. If you do use it, then you must demonstrate that you understand what it is telling you.
Submission and format
• How to submit: paper report only.
• Your report will include figures, tables and screenshots. The guidelines for number of pages EXCLUDE figures, tables and screenshots.
• You must show screenshots of sample pages that you visited, with the web address clearly shown.
• All figures, tables and screenshots must be at the end of the document.
• Your screenshots must show clearly the date that you accessed them.
Marking Rubric Individual

Description Score
Presentation and Quality of References
• You should include references and screenshots that show the tools you used and the websites you visited.
• You must use APA referencing style.
• Your report must be clear and easy to read.
• You must include a properly completed title page.
• Your figures, tables and screenshots must be of a size that can be read comfortably.
• Guidelines for number of pages below exclude screenshots and references.
• Describe the strategy of eachwebsites
• Each website strategy is marked out of 5

Guideline for number of pages approx½ page per website 2×5 = 10
Search Engine Ranking
• Analyse where each site is ranked
• What are they doing currently
• Suggestions to improve ranking
• E.g. use common search tools such as Google with suggested keywords
• Each website ranking analysis is marked out of 15

Guideline for number of pages approx2 pages per website 2×15=30
Use of Social Media
• Analyse how each site is using social media
• Include evidence of their use of social media. Comment on their use of Facebook and Twitter. Comment on their use of at least two other social media sites
• Research how other social media sites are linking to them. Comment on TripAdvisor and at least one other site that links to them.
• Each websites use of social media is marked out of 15

Guideline for number of pages approx.2 pages per website 2×15 = 30
• Summarize your findings for each site.
• Use a table so that it is easy to compare.

Guideline for number of pages approx.1 page 10
Overall clarity of report 5

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