“Human Communication: Message and Constitutive Processes,”

Unit 1 Assignment 2

The Human Communication Process

Choose a communication situation you recently experienced at your workplace or other organization you are affiliated with. Use the human communication process described in your text, starting on page 11, “Human Communication: Message and Constitutive Processes,” to analyze why—or why not—a shared reality was experienced as an end result. Summarize your experience and include your analysis as an attachment in this assignment thread. Consider the following items in your analysis:

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• Identify the source and the receiver.

• What was the message and what type of message function was it serving?

• How was it encoded?

• How was it decoded?

• What channel was used to transmit the message?

• What type of noise was experienced?

• Comment on the competencies, fields of experience, and culture of the participants involved.

• Identify the communication context of this situation.

• What was the intended effect versus the actual effect of the message?

• Was a shared reality constructed? If not, what needed to change?

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