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The assessment’s overall goal is to: (PCF 5) Define well-being, describe its different dimensions, and describe how each has an impact on people, families, and oneself.
• Examine theoretical stances that aim to explain why people behave the way they do (PCF 5).
• Discuss ideas like grief, trauma, loss, vulnerability, stress, and social isolation, among others (PCF 3; 4; 5).
• The definition of wellbeing and an explanation of its numerous dimensions and their implications for people, families, and oneself (PCF 5)
• A review of theoretical viewpoints that aim to explain human behavior (PCF 5)
• Discussion of (certain chosen) issues, including social exclusion, vulnerability, stress, and grief (PCF 3; 4; 5), with scholarly citations of sources
• A summary highlighting the topic’s importance to social work, social workers, and social work values.
• Show that you can communicate well in writing and through scholarly expression.
• Cite books and journal articles in academic context using the format required by Plymouth University (see Cite Them Right (2013), which is accessible online through Primo).
• Check that all work is finished, adheres to word counts, and satisfies Stage 1 academic criteria. Any unfinished work won’t be graded.
• Demonstrate that confidentiality is upheld while outlining the boundaries of this. A mark of zero will be automatically assigned for any violation of service user or caregiver name or address.
• Show improvement toward the Professional Capability Framework (PCF) Readiness for Practice of the College of Social Work.



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