Human Performance System( HPS)

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The details of the assignment:
Case Study in Individual Assessment No. 3
Worth: 30%. There will be a thorough grading scale available in class.
Typical Guidelines for the Assignment:
1,500 to 2,000 words maximum. The focus is on applying human performance systems and models to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the work environment.
All managers must follow procedures that sustain employee performance in all processes carried out across the entire organization. A strategy that emphasizes human performance systems focuses on how management gets consistent, high-performance behaviors from workers who are carrying out operations.
You must apply the principles of human performance systems thinking to a process that involves you in your organization and that you have some responsibility for in order to complete this assignment. The following issues should be taken into consideration:
How may the use of the components of human performance systems increase an individual’s or a group’s performance (and, consequently, process performance)?
Which factors—the employee or group of employees’ behavior or the manager or management of the employee or group of employees—are more responsible for performance (and process) improvement?
Applying models and techniques from the classroom, such as the balance of consequences, behavior observation scales, job responsibility charts, and process accountability matrices, to the interaction of individuals and processes in your organization is another requirement of the assignment.
The assignment needs to be double-spaced with the proper citations.

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The supervisor has supplied me with some additional information, which I need to take into account:
Welcome to everybody!
Last Wednesday afternoon, I mentioned citing in my summary of the requirements for Assignment Three. I acknowledge that there might be some discrepancies between what was said and the marking criteria listed on the marking feedback sheet for this assignment.
I believed that my argument was that the assignment was not an academic exercise and that the referencing that was necessary for the research assignment was not applicable here. I do concede that this could have been taken to mean that no references were needed.
When a firm document is either referred to or added as an appendix, or when another person’s work is cited, such as the creator of a model, tool, or technique, it is obvious that it should be cited as the intellectual property of the cited person or organization.
The majority of your work for this project, however, will be based on your personal use of the models, tools, or procedures, as well as your commentary on the degree of fit, interpretation of suitability, results, and conclusions. I don’t anticipate you finding scholarly sources to back up these observations, discoveries, and conclusions.
I sincerely apologize if I misled you.
assignment format
Information on the first question, HPS models, and the conclusion

Use the following qualitative and quantitative questions and all the data in the tables as an appendix. (Explain what information you gleaned from it; I don’t need it to count toward the word count for the assignment.)

Question 1: 1. Techniques may be used:
Give a day off to the worker. Permits or level upgrades for the employee who performs the work exceptionally well Reward and punishment systems (given over time for the worker)

2. Make use of the diagram (Diagram 1), which serves as a template for the performance system (please fill in the blanks first).

The behavior observation scale (BOS) is used in Question 2.
Please take into account the behavior of the typical worker during the previous rating period. Examine each response thoroughly.
Then circle the number that you think represents the correct response.
Employee productivity
· Talk to your management about your personal productivity outcomes.
Almost never, hardly occasionally Frequently, nearly always N/A
1 2 3 4 5 N/A

• Does your supervisor have enough explanations for the drawing or your assignment before you begin any ducting system project?
Almost never, hardly occasionally Frequently, nearly always N/A
1 2 3 4 5 N/A

• Were there delays with the ducted air conditioning system projects in the past?
Almost never, hardly occasionally Usually, almost never, N/A
1 2 3 4 5 N/A
• How frequently has your organization employed rewards and punishment systems?
Almost never, hardly occasionally Usually, almost never, N/A
1 2 3 4 5 N/A

• Do you believe that the company’s reward and punishment system is sufficient to inspire employees?
Almost never, hardly occasionally Frequently, nearly always N/A
1 2 3 4 5 N/A

• Do you believe the organization is working hard enough to prevent the ducted air conditioning system from being delayed?
Almost never, hardly occasionally Frequently, nearly always N/A
1 2 3 4 5 N/A

Do you believe that the unqualified laborers are the main cause of the ducted air conditioning system’s delay?
Almost never, hardly occasionally Frequently, nearly always N/A
1 2 3 4 5 N/A

• Do you believe the business could offer further training programs in this area?
Almost never, hardly occasionally Frequently Nearly always N/A
1 2 3 4 5 N/A (Based on the above statement and the obvious delay brought on by the humor performance, please respond to the following questions.)
2. Specific inquiries
Do you believe there are delays with the ducted air conditioning system, and if so, why?
• What is the typical cause of ducted air conditioning system delays? Is it possible to control the issue or not?
• Does the business take enough precautions to avert a ducting system delay? Are there any penalties or benefits?
• What do you believe the possible solutions are for avoiding the delay, in your opinion?
3. What I noticed:
• The following areas, which fall under my control, have obvious delays: the ducting system in buildings 101 and 104.
• A lot of technicians lack the necessary skills for the job.
• Some employees fail to use safety equipment appropriately, which raises the risk of injury.

Job responsibility charts: (refer to the following source)
Improving Performance: How to Manage the White Space on the Organization Chart, Rummler G.A., Brache A.P., 1995. Second edition (Pages 150–155) Prentice Hall
2. Process accountability matrices for how people and processes interact in your organization (use the pdf) 1. (from page 12 until the very end)
We, three mechanical engineers, worked together on the project and performed the same duties. Because they each offer the duct specialists conflicting instructions, this leads to increased confrontations in the workspace.


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