Human resources

Read Chapter 1 and 2 of this book Human Resources Management (Version 2.0) by Laura Portholes Diaz Flat World Knowledge, 2015 Electronic version , you learned about the challenges and transformation of the Human resources professional’s role. The seven main HRM roles (Staffing; Development of workplace policies; Compensation and benefits administration; Retention; Training and development; Laws affecting employment & Worker protection) are constantly affected by social and economic changes. For this assignment, you’ll need to find one article addressing Human Resources issues or challenges and one article about current Human Resources trends. Following APA format, address the following questions and include the two articles in a reference page. Explain how Human Resources has changed over the past two decades. Present specific examples and cite the sources that support your rationale. List and explain what are some of the issues or challenges that human resources in the hospitality industry are currently facing. Must include a minimum of 3. List and explain 3 or more trends currently shaping Human Resources practices. Minimum 250 word Follow APA format, including a title page and references. Include the two articles in a reference page. .

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