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Imagine that you have been hired to serve a Wilfred Blackburn’s communication consultant. In this assignment, Blackburn asks you for two deliverables:

Part 1 (30%): Update your Situation Analysis / SWOT by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the current communication networks – vertical (upward and downward), horizontal, and external. Be sure to provide evidence from the case to support your assessment. If you feel that you need to, update your stakeholder analysis and communications objectives. Make sure that all elements of your communication campaign are aligned.

Part 2 (50%): Recommend an Action Equation designed to communicate messages from Blackburn to the employees of the Prudential Singapore office. What do you think “The Cause” should be and why? Identify 3-4 DOs and the corresponding KNOW and FEEL elements. Include at least two KNOWs and two FEELs for each DO. Be sure to reference Beyond the Babble to explain your approach to messaging.

Writing Quality (20%): Includes fluency of writing, organizational structure, correct documentation practices and use of sources to support your points. As guide, the assignment should be approximately 1200-1500 words. A goal in all our writing assignments is conciseness and clarity.

Important note: this is not a research paper — your analysis should be based solely on the case study, course materials, and your own communication experience. Do not search for additional information about Prudential Singapore!

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