I need a conclusion essay from these 2 attachments of approx 200 words. I’m hav

I need a conclusion essay from these 2 attachments of approx 200 words. I’m having a hard time understanding this!This is 1 portion I’m pasting below and the other portion is in attachment.ParticipantsIn this case study children age’s ranges from age 4 to 14 years old that have been diagnosed with ADHD are being treated with medication. The Stability of the participants was rated into two groups: Neuro –children that were treated with neuropathy for ADHD and Meds- children that were treated with medication for ADHD. The researchers treated the participants according to (Cohen, Juliet. 2007).ApparatusA 10-item table of two populations is being used to determine which ages are being treated with Neurotherpy versus children being treated with medications. Children that are being treated with medications stability ratings for the participants’ deviation from the mean score, and the squared deviation from the mean. The highest (positive) score that could be attained on the measure was -2.52 the lowest (negative) score were 2.101. Thus, higher scores reflected more children taken medications than those been treated with neurotheraphy.MaterialsChildren and teenagers that have been diagnosed with ADHD was research and tested to stabilize their hyperactivity by using data analysis to determine how many kids from their younger age to their adolescent age diagnosed with ADHD. This research was done to show what population group was taking Neurotherapy to help their ADHD or the actual medications. Procedure The Children diagnosed with ADHD being treated with medications in population two will be administered to a prescription drug at east once a day. Both populations being diagnosed with ADHD treatments were distinguished to determine which children conditioned was severe enough for either treatment.

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