I need help on this assignment. L6 Special Purpose Award in Occupational Safety

I need help on this assignment.
L6 Special Purpose Award in Occupational Safety and Health
L6 Higher Certificate in OSH Foundations for Occupational Safety and Health
Written Assignment to be submitted online by 13/12/2018 (Week 13)
Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
ABC Cosmetics is a large manufacturing plant based in Ireland employing approximately 300 employees. The company manufactures cosmetics, creams, lotions and oils. You have been employed as a safety advisor for the company and your first task is to carry out a preliminary hazard identification and risk assessment of the following new process.
ABC have been contracted to manufacture a topical acne treatment gel. This is an important new contract for the company and may lead to further business if the customer is impressed with ABC’s performance.
Ingredients are mixed in a 10,000L vessel and heated to 100 o C prior to discharge into 200L drums. There are stainless steel steps leading to a platform in order to access the top of the mixing vessel. Here the raw ingredients are added by two process operatives. The operatives wear a plant uniform, steel toe capped boots, hair nets, gloves and safety glasses. The ingredients they add include Benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin (both in powder form) and purified water.
The lid is opened on the mixing vessel and the two powders are poured in from plastic containers. These weigh between 20kg and 40kg each and the two operatives carry out the lift together. The liquid ingredients are automatically pumped in through flexible hosing.
Following mixing and heating one of the operators attaches a pipe to the underside of the vessel and the product is discharged directly into 200L drums. The other operator moves the drum on a drum dolly to the filling line. Here the product is dispensed into 250ml bottles and packed into boxes at the end of the line by the filling operatives. 40 bottles are added into each box which are then taped and placed onto a pallet located on the floor at the end of the line. These are then shrink wrapped and moved by pallet to the warehouse by a warehouse operative.
The machines are well guarded with automatic locking devices and emergency stops. The operators work a 2 cycle 12 hour shift pattern with 2 short breaks and one longer break. There is a supervisor present on each shift for each area.
You have been asked to carry out a Hazard ID and RA on the above process.
(a) Identify hazards and assess the risks under the following headings:
 Physical
 Chemical
 Human Factors
 Ergonomic
(b) Identify control measures which may be used to minimize risks, as identified above.
(c) Identify who will be affected by the hazard and who must take responsibility for ensuring that the control measures are carried out

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