i need help with some accounting needs to be done as fast as possible please At

i need help with some accounting needs to be done as fast as possible please
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Accounting principles require that companies include a disclosure of “comprehensive income” in the financial statements. The most common form of disclosure is to add a separate financial statement called somethinglike “Statement of Comprehensive Income.” Comprehensive income is a combination of net income from the income statement and some specially designated items that are considered to be “other comprehensive income.’I Comprehensive income = Net income 4- other comprehensive income(Note that the terms in the formula above above are generic. Losses are negative income.) The most common example of other comprehensive income is unrealized gains or losses on certain types of investments. For example, assume Carolina Company invested $51000 in the stock of Young Company on June 30. Year1. At December 31, Carolina Company still owned the Young Company stock. At December 31, Year1, theYoung Company stock was worth $63000. The Young Company stock has appreciated $6000. The gain is considered to be unrealized because the stock was not sold. The unrealized gain would be recorded by Carolina Company in an entry that increases theinvestment account (an asset) by $6000 and increases equity by $6000. The unrealized gain is excluded from net income. Rather, it is considered to be an item of “other comprehensive income.” Assume that for Year1. Carolina Company reports $728000 of net income on the income statement. Using the facts above, what would Carolina Company report as Comprehensive Income for Year1?

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