This simple task. I’m currently held up. Somebody help please. The instructions are below.

I would like you to fill two process recording files about different topics that I will provide you their information down as the same idea of the two filled process recording files that I attached for you as sample.

I will give you some information about them and I would like you to come up with the rest information from your social work knowledge.

this is related to Social Work and CAP Community Policy and practice.(MACRO)

The first one is (Completion Mortality Report) the other one is(Consent Audit).

(Completion Mortality Report):

is to write a full mortality report about a consumer in the agency to know full information about himher, the cause of death and the manner of death. Also, we are looking at the type of services that heshe was receiving from the agency to check the quality of them, and if the person was receiving services for the thing that cause the death.

So is used for:

-cover person care and improve person’s life quality.

-to be complaint with the DBH police and doing the review of the case.

the outcomes of this:

-evaluate the services to improve any area.

-check if there is any gap in services or medical care.

(Consent Audit):

-to check all the consumers files to check if they have signed their consent package or not.

-identify the services were not in compliance.

-Collaborated with other staff to get the consent form signed, that would be compliant


I attached the sample files and the empty file that you have to fill.

I look forward a great process recording.

Thank you


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