I will pay for the following essay Additional Insight into Gender Differences in

I will pay for the following essay Additional Insight into Gender Differences in Decision-Making Confidence. The essay is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
The discussion section of this paper explains the results of the findings and compares the results with those of other studies.
Modern research studies have been interested on gender studies as people are interested in what makes them different in terms of gender. The interesting part of the differences that has attracted interest in the past years is the aspect of decision making differences portrayed by women and men. Recent studies have specifically focused on the confidence of decision making that is believed to be influenced by gender. Some previous researchers have identified that men demonstrate higher confidence in making their decisions as compared to women. The difference confidence is portrayed despite making right or wrong decisions by both women and men.
Men and women often portray differences in decision-making confidences. Cognitive psychology emphasizes on the decision making processes and mostly errors associated making judgments. Previous studies indicate that individuals are more likely to overestimate their knowledge when given general tests. The overestimation of knowledge is irrespective of gender. However, the overconfidence of people in general tests is influenced by the type of test. Some tests can lower the confidence of the participant depending on the structure of questions or subject of the questions. Higher confidence is observed when the nature of the questions is representative. On the other hand, random questions lower the confidence of answering questions (Garon & Moore, 2007).
Recognizing gender differences in terms of decision making is not only important on the way the two genders make decisions but also essential in the comprehensions of how information is processed. Understanding how information is processed by both males and females is vital in the development of ways to make both genders understand different information presented to them for

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