I will pay for the following essay Argument-driven analysis of the. The essay is

I will pay for the following essay Argument-driven analysis of the. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
The author has not dealt with the issue at hand in a precise and comprehensive manner, which may easily confuse many readers. This paper will explore an all rounded approach to globalization from the main critical angles which best explain the subject in discussion.
The views expressed by the author on globalization suggest absence of any wrong in the presentation of certain practice or object. The blame is set rather on the problem that is the perception of the object. The example of the coffee house and snack shop given by the author does not put blame on the coffee house or the shops, but the reception in different places. It is true in many instances, and people should not blame, Americanization but instead the people ought to change their approach towards such ventures.
On the flip side of the above, borrowed cultures are a reality in the current times. It openly means that globalization is responsible for the erosion of some values of other cultures due to the embracing of the Western culture. Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom reasons for failure in the campaign to popularize Disney’s character Mickey Mouse cannot be solely blamed on the way globalization is perceived in different parts of the world. The timing of the animation giant to introduce a character in China was wrong hence the failure of the brand. Jeffrey clearly states presences of a health campaign to get rid of “laoshu” a Chinese name for a rat (Wasserstrom, 22). The violence received on “Mi Lushorue” was due to the campaign against rats in China.
Wasserstrom fails to present the good side of globalization but concentrates mostly on the failed parts of brands that he relates to globalization. It is important in any analysis not to take sides in presenting your views but to work towards the reader getting the silent voice in the paper that states your position. There are protests in the streets in India with people fearing for their jobs. The above is just one

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