I will pay for the following essay Causal Analysis/Argument about Euthanasia. Th

I will pay for the following essay Causal Analysis/Argument about Euthanasia. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
This is done without the request of the patient and has the objective of ending the patient’s life.
Moreover, there is what is termed as physician assisted suicide, wherein a lethal substance is prescribed, prepared or given to a patient by a doctor. Such substances are to be administered by the patient and have the purpose of facilitating the patient to commit suicide. The last of these interventions relates to the doctrine of double effect, in which drugs in very large dosages are administered to the patient. The ostensible reason behind this intervention is to mitigate the pain and suffering of the patient (Pakes 121). However, death accompanies the alleviation of suffering, even though the intention is not to end the life of the patient. As such, legalization of Euthanasia is morally unacceptable.
It is essential to distinguish between active and passive euthanasia. This is due to the reason that active euthanasia involves the deliberate intent to end life. Euthanasia has adverse consequences. such as, abuse potential, whereby a definite and easy procedure is provided for eliminating an objectionable relative (Shannon 108).
Moreover, the predictions of even the highly skilled and competent doctors, in the area of diagnosis of disease may not be fulfilled, and passing judgment on medically futility could in reality prove to be useless (Shannon 108). Decisions regarding the end of life, which were based on the opinions of health professionals, proved to be wrong on several occasions.
Frequently, it had been observed that at the time of death, medical end of life decisions had been made before the death of the patient. These decisions cover a wide range of objectives, such as the reduction of symptoms and pain, and non – treatment decisions to the injection of drugs that would have a fatal result (Gevers 359).
When it comes to measures that have the intention of directly accelerating death, the

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