I will pay for the following essay Chapter summaries of Unbroken by Laura Hillen

I will pay for the following essay Chapter summaries of Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
of a predawn darkness of the night of august 26, 1929, with Graf Zeppelin passing over Torrance, California as the 12 year old Louie Zamperini is awake listening and admiring the aircraft (Hillenbrand 6). Louie overcomes prejudice and discrimination in his childhood through his resilience and optimism.
Chapter 2: Run Like Mad: Chapter 2 describes the rehabilitation of Louie Zamperini, how he decided to join track, devoted his time to running after getting suspended from school and started breaking records.
Chapter 3: The Torrance Tornado: Louie engages in obsessive training on the track but is still worried he may not make it. He gets invited to the Olympic trials after almost winning the Compton open championships.
Chapter 4: Plundering Germany: The fourth chapter describes how Louie together with the other members of the US Olympic team is traveling across to Germany as well as their experiences in Germany. Although Louie did not perform has he had expected, he vows to do better in the next Olympics.
Chapter 5: Into War: With the intensification of World War II after the bombing of Peale harbor, Louie decides to join Air Corp in order to avoid being conscripted into the US army. He drops out but is soon drafted again into the Air Force as a bombardier shortly before the Pearl Harbor attack.
Chapter 6: Chapter 6: The Flying Coffin: Louie becomes pretty good at bombing after undergoing a lot of training. He is made a second lieutenant. Their crew refers to a B-24 plane as a flying coffin when they first saw it.
Chapter 10: The Stinking Six:-The Superman is badly damaged and most of its crewmen are in the hospital. Louie and the remaining crew are transported to Hawaii using a new plane (Green Hornet) after the Japanese attack Funafuti Island.
Chapter 20: Farting for Hirohito. Louie and an immigrant officer named William Harris became good friends. At the camp, Louie had a lot of life changing experiences amongst them being the daily interaction with the

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