I will pay for the following essay Christian piety. The essay is to be 4 pages w

I will pay for the following essay Christian piety. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
several other poets, playwrights and prose writers also created verses and prose keeping in view the teachings and sayings, attributed to the Holy Jesus Christ. Some of the literary classics specifically express true feelings of sheer love and affection for Almighty God and Christ as well, and hence concentrate upon the Biblical tales and stories while depicting the themes and imagination. Milton’s illustrious Paradise Lost (1667) is the best example of such poesy. Additionally, the poets also articulated their unflinching commitment with the Christian faith, which not only infuse energy in the minds of the readers, but also fill their hearts with the feelings and passion for the faith they adopt and imitate from the core of their heart. the present paper also concentrate upon the Christian Piety in the light of the poems created by the Spanish and English poets at different times.
By critically examining the verses depicting the Christian piety, it becomes crystal clear that the Christian authors adore the Lord, and appear to be ready for offering all kinds of sacrifices for the uplift and glory of their faith. The same passionate sentiments have been depicted by seventeenth century Spanish poet Miguel de Guevara in his To Christ Crucified. Written in the form of sonnet, the remarkable verses describe the very reality that the poet maintains unconditional love for Christ without having any greed of obtaining permission to enter heaven or maintaining any fear of the high flames burning the bodies of sinners in the inferno. On the contrary, he just loves Christ because of the great sacrifice he made at gallows for the salvation of the sinful humanity after receiving bruises, wounds and injuries from the king of Jerusalem. Christ was maltreated, adversely cursed, tortured mentally and physically and was rebuked by the king’s men and masses alike. However, his feet never wavered or trembled altogether in the face of the series of hardships, and he remained as

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