I will pay for the following essay Civil Litigation and Felonious Law. The essay

I will pay for the following essay Civil Litigation and Felonious Law. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
The challenge may include persons or organizations. Upon the final ruling, compensation is awarded to the person that was affected (Kleinig, 2008).
The felonious law applies in the instances of murder, beating, and assault. When the victim is declared guilty, the ruling is passed for his punished. The punishment can be incarceration in jail, fine or exceptionally death sentence. The sentence duration is based on the form of offense the executed by the accused. Judgment is made to deter further crimes since people are known to be rational (Kleinig, 2008).
The former includes the collection of regulations that guide the processes in courts. This law governs various court processes that depend on the type of lawsuit. It gives a guideline by which the court is supposed to conduct a case hearing and determine what happens. The regulation maintains persistency in the case handling process. Additionally, fairness and justice are checked through the procedural law (Budewitz, 2011).
Substantive law constitutes the various regulations, which guide the states’ and people’s relationships. This law outlines the multiple tasks and freedoms of the people. It entails tort, a&nbsp.felony,&nbsp.and laws requirements. The regulation originates from public law and the legislative regulations. Mountford (2002) suggests that lawyers use this law to establish the actual claims by plaintiff and defenses by the defendant. The claims are weighed on the procedural law to ensure justice and consistency (Budewitz, 2011). While it is possible to use procedural law in non-legal contexts, it is impossible to use substantive law in such situations.

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