I will pay for the following essay Critical analysis case study. The essay is to

I will pay for the following essay Critical analysis case study. The essay is to be 19 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
This paper reveals how interdependent sub-groups of decision-makers are when dealing with clinical cases.
It is important that all parties involved in the clinical cares of a patient should offer strategic decisions that would be helpful in making the patient recovered quite quickly. The medical decision is needed to prescribe the right medical treatment for the patient. the nurses’ decisions are vital for handling the clinical requirements of the patient. the relatives of the patient also have to make serious decisions about the way to take good care of their family member who is sick. O
n several occasions, all these parties come together to work out the efficiency of their decisions so as to provide only the needed healthcare for the patient (Berner, 2007: pp.3-28)
Daniel Young (name changed) was a construction worker that was diagnosed for kidney problem when he sought a medical advice as he constantly felt weak, tired, shortness of breath and perceived some swollen parts of his body. Dr. James (name changed) recommended that he should undergo Peritoneal Dialysis when he noticed that diet and medication would not help him recover soon from the rapidly failing kidney problems—this was due to the fact that Daniel sought medical help later than expected. He had previously thought that his demanding construction job was responsible for his body weakness and lethargy.
His first few weeks at the hospital had produced an encouraging medical report: normal fluid exchanges, maintenance of appropriate weight, good metabolic activities and reduction in the frequency of symptoms appearance. Unfortunately, in a couple of weeks later, the patient’s condition had become quite worse: he grew hypotensive because of losing much fluid than necessary in his body, and doctor also detected there was some bacterial infection in the abdomen (peritonitis). Despite the application of appropriate medication

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