I will pay for the following essay Describe at least five important aspects of A

I will pay for the following essay Describe at least five important aspects of Arabic language. Be specific. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
One of the complex and interesting aspects on Arabic language centers on the fact that spoken forms of the language vary in terms of grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. The two forms of the language manifest side by side in which one is strictly a spoken form and the other is strictly a literary form.
Standard Arabic is the well-defined entity and is uniform across the Arabic speaking world with only minimal variations in vocabulary (Wahba, Taha, and England 225). The grammar, syntax, and vocabulary have changed minimal since the Qur’an (in the 7th century).
Arabic languages are fundamental Semitic languages most closely linked to Hebrew, Aramaic, and Phoenician. Semitic languages may be characterized by a limited and a rich consonant system. Semitic languages also typified by a rich inventory of guttural consonants that encompass laryngeals, pharyngeal, and the uvular fricatives. In the same way as other Semitic languages, Arabic language has intricate and unusual morphology. Arabic language possesses nonconcatenative “root and pattern” morphology (Wahba, Taha, and England 225). The standardized written Arabic is unique from and more conservative compared to all of the spoken varieties. Arabic language is a synthetic language, rather than an analytical one meaning that endings may be awarded to words to highlight the function of the words within a sentence. In English, word order mainly determines this function, while in Arabic. the ending of a word determines the function of the word.
There are 28 letters within the Arabic alphabet comprising of consonants, symbols, and vowels. The characters employed within their words may be frequently connected. therefore, excluding some which may be linked to their predecessors. The pronunciation of vowels varies from one speaker to another and appears to mimic the pronunciation of the matching colloquial variety, whereby vowels and consonants can be either

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