I will pay for the following essay Developmental and Environmental Risk Factors.

I will pay for the following essay Developmental and Environmental Risk Factors. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
Even though the involvement is not direct, this risk is brought about by an accumulation of failure in many areas brought about by low IQ leading to a high probability of engaging in criminal behavior. These cumulative factors include but are not limited to: antisocial behavior, lack of education and unemployment.
Substance abuse has been researched and verified that it is a risk factor of criminal behavior among the juveniles. This is common as it is at this age that peer pressure is at peak and hence the use of substance is influenced by peer pressure and so is the engagement into criminal behavior, violence or aggression (Durrant, 2012). This can be protectively mitigated by having rehabilitation to end the substance abuse and then deal with the aggression or violence later. This latter one will be easier once the substance abuse dwindles or completely ends as it was the motivating factor.
The protective factor that might mitigate the health risk is proper nutrition in cases of those not pregnant but planning to have children someday, it is important for them to have proper nutrition as well during pregnancy and after the child is born but still breastfeeding (post-natal). For those already pregnant, it is important to avoid tobacco, any lead contamination or exposure, exercise to reduce stress and lessen birth complication among other protective remedies.
As for the low IQ risk, nothing much can be done other than just counseling and therapy for socialization. This will make them reduce their antisocial behavior and therefore reduces chances of aggression as a result of being antisocial. These people can also rely on government to provide disability allowances or even provide menial jobs that are at par with their IQ but which will occupy them and hence reduce much time to think about engaging in aggression or violence or other forms of criminal

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