I will pay for the following essay Governance of the EU (exact title see instruc

I will pay for the following essay Governance of the EU (exact title see instruction). The essay is to be 15 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
Accession of the EU to ECHR seems to bring about various legal consequences in protection of human rights. It makes the EU to be a contracting party to the ECHR
The Court of Justice is a principal institution with the role of application and interpretation of the treaties law. It ensures all members’ and organizations properly follow the law. The court upholds respect for universal human rights
This essay gives in-depth analysis of the Organization of Europe as the protector for fundamental freedoms for issues herein. Accession to ECHR by EU is analyzed and looks at the Charter of Fundamental Rights and its role in protecting human rights. The essay looks at the suitability of the Court as the key to guard freedoms and the challenges it faces.
The paper discusses the relationship between the ECJ and the ECHR and enforcement of the Charter on Human Rights and the problem it solves. Materials that will be used are Conventions in the EU case laws an appropriate article and books as reference sources.
The Charter on Human Rights has political, economic, and social rights for citizens. The European Convention drafted it but its legality was uncertain until the entry of the Lisbon Treaty in 2009. The EU is required to legislate consistently with the charter and courts. It applies to its member states, the EU, and the institutions.
The charter is enforceable in its member states in implementing union laws and guidelines. This charter is central to the law in Europe and its rights are enforced by the CJEU and before national courts. All rights set out in the charter are enforced by the court that is in Strasburg. It has power to hold states accountable when they fail to protect or fulfill their obligations and rights as stipulated in the convention. This particular court has 47 judges where each comes from each member state. When an individual’s rights are violated they

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