I will pay for the following essay International Accounting Standard Individual

I will pay for the following essay International Accounting Standard Individual Assignement. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
“Most other efforts to bring clean water to the underserved citizens had relied on volunteerism and had ultimately failed. Those efforts were not market-based and proved to be unsustainable” Kaputt said. MIBW4A established a strong and mutually profitable partnership with the water vendors to help in the distribution of low salt level drinking water to the consumers (Salzman, 2012, p.5).
Profitability: To create a sustainable business enterprise with a potential of generating revues excess of the operational costs, and be able to finance future growth. In addition, the company aims at establishing itself by developing quality brands, popular among its consumers.
Community Building: MIBW4A would employ and hire technical and casual staff to service their water filters and serve the vendors or other distributors. Besides, the company will focus on community educational programs about benefits of consuming clean water.
Corporate Social Responsibility – Environment: MIBW4A will bear the cost of externalities incurred in the process of boiling the water, by ensuring reduced deforestation (popularly associated with charcoal burning). This would be attained by reducing the demand and need for bottled and bagged water, which potentially pollutes and litter the environment.
With a daily average of 150-350 venders, the company estimated that each consumer will need at least 1 litre clean drinking water on a daily basis. Within the first year, the company planned to acquire 50 water filters. By the end of three years of operation, MIBW4A estimates their customer base to reach 3000, thus calling for acquisition of more filters in the subsequent years. After conducting an extensive market research, MIBW4A introduced its purified water products priced at USD 0.08 per litre. By only attracting 12% of the potential consumers, the company estimated daily average sales of 450,000 litres of clean

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