I will pay for the following essay Media Analysis. The essay is to be 3 pages wi

I will pay for the following essay Media Analysis. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
Some sources also helped to reform the nation in better way. Among those sources films, songs and political cartoons were playing important part. These all were worked for the purpose of motivation and for changing the views of the political leaders and parties.
Describing about the importance of each of the above mentioned methods this can be said that each of them were equally important during the post civil war period in America. Political cartoons never failed to create patriotism and enthusiasm which were very much important for the civilian in the post war period. Thomas Nast was playing an important role in this particular field. He was the famous as the father of American political cartoonist. The young generation was also attracted by the political cartoons and these cartoons directed their views in proper and right way so that future generation has not to face the trouble of civil war. Public opinions were reflected regarding the situation and affect of war through the cartoon figures (Hogge, 2008). Some film makers also took initiative to focus on the certain pictures such as scale of death in war through some documentary films. Drew Gilpin Faust, Eric Foner etc were some renowned film makers who made such kind of documentary films. American sheet music also provided significant perspective on the history of civil war during the post war period. There was 3, 042 pieces of sheet music at that point of time which influenced the people of nation. The collection of music included political music, patriotic music, sad songs etc which had strong impact especially on the young generation. At that point of time music was a form of propaganda. During the post civil war period illiteracy rate was high especially in the rural areas and communication system was poor. In that situation sheet music was an important way to convey the positive messages to the people of those rural areas.
The most important

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