I will pay for the following essay Montessori. The essay is to be 10 pages with

I will pay for the following essay Montessori. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
ults for them to emulate. the challenge in raising infants may lie on the supervision of adults, but many adults don’t have the right knowledge on how to train up the infants
5. stacking rings – develop child’s motor, cognitive skills and self-confidence. object permanence box – allows child to discover varying concepts in the physical world. shape puzzles – will incorporate cognitive ability
100. identifying colors (color booklet, sense of visual), identifying parts of the body (parts of the body, sense of visual), identifying objects by feel (objects in paper bag, sense of touch), identifying sources of sound (cassette and poster, sense of hearing)
103. Primary goal: improve sensorial capability. secondary goal: to expose the child to sensorial experience. material: object permanence box. Presentation: allow the child to explore the box and the objects inside
1. throwing an apple will remind children that they are wasting what the nature has provided them. preparing other foods from apple can help children evaluate the many things that the earth can provide for human survival
3. slow down and work at your child’s pace – children needs to learn step by step but in a pace associated with his experience in life. share household chores with your child – this is to ensure practical application, training and exposure
26. Parents should guide their children. The positive thing about exposing the child to new technology is learning things in the advance world. It’s also convenient because of easy access. However, technology linked to listening activity may lead to diversion of child’s focus. In addition, this will lead the child to be exposed to other areas not concerning Montessori training.
51. go jump. The boy laughs. She sighs. She eats. She smiles. He nods. He swims. He licks. He smirks. She gives thanks. She said no. she hates it. Go run. Go swim. The bird flies. The dog barks. The cat meows. The rain drops. The sun shines. the wind

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