I will pay for the following essay Parent Panel Reaction. The essay is to be 4 p

I will pay for the following essay Parent Panel Reaction. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
After hearing Danielle’s response, I was shocked by the fact that the doctors, nurses and other medical staff almost ignored Danielle’s intuition. I also pondered upon what would have happened if she was not persistent on those two different instances and had just accepted that medical professionals believed everything was fine. I then reflected on Tracea’s statement as she “felt as though as it is like pulling teeth to get a direct or more detailed answer.” I learned as an individual working among families with children with special needs it is always important to listen to the parents. Even though their suggestions, beliefs or intuitions may sound outrageous to professionals, the parents are the ones with their child 24/7. For a parent to believe that something is wrong with their child, there most likely is. When I become a parent, I vow to always follow my intuition, pursue answers to any questions and concerns that I have, and be as constant as Danielle was for the best interest of my child.Hearing from Greg and Danielle of when and how they learned of their child’s diagnosis was at first astonishing and then uplifting. Danielle’s description of sitting in the John Hopkins waiting room and hearing that her son wasn’t going to die but be profoundly mentally retarded was jarring. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how they handled being in that situation. Immediately, I image the mixed emotions combined with the stress, confusion and even heartbreak of hearing the worst possible outcome for their child.

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