I will pay for the following essay Privitization of CPB corporation for public b

I will pay for the following essay Privitization of CPB corporation for public broadcasting. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
The value of science is being perverted and skepticism is more attractive to human mind (White, 1999).
Feelings and emotions are prioritized and knowledge is considered irrelevant. Under fascism, some people even scholars consider theory is irrelevant but theory informs good practice and sustainable application (Tompkins,
2005). Theory represents foundation of good practices.
Everyday, we are being bombarded with news of celebritization and marketization of goods and services. Too often, all the marketing and advertising serve only as an enticement to attract buyers and hence, the companies will earn higher profits as more and more people buy the products.
So is the case of privatization. According to the market, privatization is the solution to public inefficiency but there is no apparent evidence that public sector is inefficient (Rosen, Boothe, Dhalby & Smith, 1999). Indeed, privatization has nothing to do with efficiency.
On the contrary, privatization is to transfer public control and ownership of public resources to private sector (Shafritz & Russell, 2000. Guislain, 1997). to change the structure of the economy and the state. to internationalize the economy. to change the role of the state. and to reorganize a new system of a state and economy (Guislain, 1997).
We are living under fascism with elite governance that rules by money, cost saving, and beyond democratic accountability (Shafritz & Russell, 2000). One that preaches anti corruption but foster competition while competition creates radical evil (Grenberg, 2005) and fraud, and kept alive by lies that are magnified by the media such as Thierer (1999) argued, in support to the privatization of Corporation of Public Broadcasting, “the public feel the CPB has performed, its mission is obsolete and redundant today. There now exists an endless variety of high-quality channels with entertainment, informational, and educational programs that do not rely on public funding to bring quality shows to

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