I will pay for the following essay Rab Ne bana di Jodi analysis. The essay is to

I will pay for the following essay Rab Ne bana di Jodi analysis. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
Rab Ne bana di Jodi analysis
Being somewhat reserved and anxious not to displease the beautiful young woman, he tried to be as good a husband to her as he can be. But he is not very successful in establishing a good relationship with her and a distance begins to creep in. the once vivacious young woman become morose and withdrawn after the death of her father. Finally, in desperation, Surinder, with the help of his somewhat radical hairdresser friend, assumes an alter ego – one that appears much younger due to his style of dressing. As Surinder, he grants permission to his young wife to join dance classes in order to enter a dance competition and during the first session, he presents himself to her as her partner for the dance competition. Throughout the rest of the film, he preserve his dual identity – of the straightforward, somewhat boring and staid husband in a kurta pyjama versus the dashing young man dressed in tight jeans and T-shirts, named Raj. The first scene where Raj finds himself paired to his wife and discovers that she does not recognize him with his changed appearance and style of dressing is one of the most important scenes in the film. This leads on to several sequences where Raj slowly gains the young woman’s confidence and ultimately finds out how much affection and regard she holds for her husband.
He is dressed in tight jeans and a T shirt, which he is uncomfortable wearing, but his anxiety to observe his wife and what she is doing overpower his discomfort.

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