I will pay for the following essay Research Paper Part One. The essay is to be 2

I will pay for the following essay Research Paper Part One. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
The belly of the stag on the right and the back is painted redder than the rest of the body. The tail region is painted bright red though the tail is not very apparent.
The horse is painted as trotting in front of the stag, perhaps painted independently after or before the stag was painted. The horse is painted using red color just as the stag though the tone is slightly lighter. The red color used to paint the gorse is slightly yellowish. Unlike the stag, the color tone is almost equally distributed with no area being either too light or too dark. Even so, the artist that painted the horse used dark color to bring about the appearance of the mane. All the four legs are more apparent than the stag. The bull stands on the top left side above the horse and the horse and the stag. The painting of the bull is more of just the head and the neck region. The head of the bull is painted using darker tones than the horse and the tag. The lower neck region of the bull has been painted using light color.
The artist did use various shaped and proportionality to bring out the features of the painting. By making use of various shapes, the artist brought out features such as animal horns especially for the stag. The shapes are not geometrical though some features such as the horse’s mouth comes out in an almost circular shape. The bull’s eye, which appears very faintly, is also depicted in a circular shape. The hills in the background have been painted using imperfect triangular shapes. The middle ground has some round shapes that do not make so much meaning in respect to the painting.
The most outstanding element that the artist has made good use of is lines. Lines have been used to bring out every shape and boundaries within the painting. By making use of lines, the artist has been able to mark the boundary of the hills in the background as well as distinguish the

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