I will pay for the following essay Students With Disabilities Are Not Meeting th

I will pay for the following essay Students With Disabilities Are Not Meeting the State Mandated Requirements. The Disability Achievement Gap. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
States should ensure that the school systems have in place reasonable accommodation that addresses the needs of children with disabilities. Evidently, children with disabilities require support provided by the entire school system if they are to benefit from education. In addition, individualization of the support cannot be underestimated because it is required to ensure maximized learning. In the United States, the No Child left Behind Act of 2001 was passed in an effort to ensure that all children including those with disabilities have access to quality education. Each state and county&nbsp.are&nbsp.required to develop education policies that conform to the act. However, there is evidence that these efforts have not filled in the disability achievement gap. This paper will discuss how students with disabilities are still left behind in the education sector.
The No Child left Behind Act of 2001 was developed to address barriers that had been identified that served to prevent children with disabilities from accessing education opportunities. Before the act was passed, many states did not have any specific policies regarding the education of children with disabilities (Colker, 2013). Although some states had some policies, they proved to be outdated and ineffective to address the existing barriers of educating children with disabilities. Many of the school systems did not provide any support services for children with disabilities. There was a social stigma associated with disability, which affected the learning process for children with disabilities. Since disability and poverty are interlinked, many children with disabilities, and from poor backgrounds were the worst affected by the barriers to education. Notably, school budgets did not allow the schools to invest in facilities that could offer children with disabilities the relevant support in the education system (Shriner & Ganguly, 2007). Worst still,

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