I will pay for the following essay Subject:organizational behaviour. The essay i

I will pay for the following essay Subject:organizational behaviour. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
Early organization managers depended on authority and strong-harm tactics to accomplish their objectives. In the contemporary management, organization leaders act as the servant of the people. Today’s management leadership put much emphasize on the impact of the individual leaders on organizations. Sveningsson and Alvesson (2003) assert that the present day management leadership expects them to set personal examples by practising the values and the principles they wish their subordinates to accomplish.
Earlier organization management entails formal hierarchies that give specified roles to employees (Adler & Gundersen, 2007). The management was focused on the roles and it put all powers within the spheres of the managers, who had the duty to administrate employees by planning, organizing and controlling their works. In essence, the management was comprised of a top-down restricting function. Conversely, the present day roles of managers is managing themselves and to create relationships with strategic partners, suppliers and customers. Today, management is much more focused on what the managers perform to achieve the goals through employees.
In the past 100 hundred years managers assumed the roles of thinking and managing at the same time. The implication for this is that the managers’ thinks and does all the work in the organization but the presence of the employees is to help and facilitate duties given. The present day managers are necessitated to get work done through engaged, self-managing knowledge employees. The modern managers behave like investors, customers and partners. Today managers have changed immensely. The roles they assume are that of a leader and that of managing a team to meet the goals of the organizations. In the last century, the roles of a manager were understood as administrative and control ones rather than leading.
Furthermore, the management of the last 100 years was much more

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