I will pay for the following essay Use of Steroids in Major League Baseball. The

I will pay for the following essay Use of Steroids in Major League Baseball. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
Major league baseball is another game in which steroids have been widely used to boost the energy and stamina. “According to the New York Times, Major League Baseball will institute blood testing for human growth hormone in the minor leagues as early as this year. MLB will also attempt to get the players union to accept blood testing at the Major League level” (MLB To Implement HGH Blood Testing in Minor Leagues, 2010). Minor league baseball players are not part of the player’s unions and hence they don’t have the responsibility to undergo drug testing or dope testing. Players and the public have different opinions about enforcing dope testing or drug testing in MLB. Some players argue that physical stamina and energy are the essential requirements for the MLB players and restricting drug usages may spoil the game. They are of the opinion that the speed, courage and power exhibited by the baseball players were the most attractive element for the spectators. Without drug usage, such attractive elements may not be achievable in the field and the spectators may not get the thrill of a close fight. On the other hand, protestors of drug use in MLB argue that excessive drug usages may spread a wrong message to the world and it is unethical also. Sports and games are meant for exhibiting the natural abilities of a person and drug usages may avoid such opportunities. Moreover, protestors believe that there is no point in achieving a glory using shortcuts or unacceptable means. This paper briefly analyses the steroid use in MLB and its pros and cons.

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